Remember this, the most important part of the vehicle is you.

For our food truck driver friends, take enough rest before getting behind the wheel.

So how much is enough, you might be asking.

Seven to eight hours of sleep would be good. But if you cannot afford such sleep duration then maintain at least a body clock. Set a regular sleeping schedule. This might be more feasible for you given the long hours that you need to be on the road.

This shall help you avoid feeling grumpy .

I understand that hiring another driver with whom you can take turns isn’t always ideal. Well, in this case, taking to heart basic safety driving tips shall help secure your business, as well as your customers. Here are few of them.

  • Ensure your vehicle is in good shape. Maintaining your vehicle is ensuring safety of your customers. Test your brakes regularly and see to it that they are working properly. Visit the mechanic and have the food truck inspected before setting out on the road. Engine problems will jeopardize operations and might even cause you to spend more. This might also damage your reputation among customers. You do not want to lose your patrons for fear of safety. Prevention is always better than cure.
  • Maintain distance. Never tailgate. Remember that food trucks would require more stopping distance as compared to smaller vehicles. This is for your own safety in case you are compelled to take sudden breaks. Also, note that you are considered at fault when you hit a car from its rear. That is despite the situation.
  • Buckle up. Wearing seat belts is the single best thing you can do to saving your life and of others while on the road. This will keep you in place and avoid you from being ejected in the event that collision occurs. This also gives you more control of the food truck.
  • Be cautious of your no-zones. The no-zone refers to the blind spots or accident prone areas around trucks. While you share responsibility with the rest of motorists to ensuring safety in roads, still, be vigilant of your truck’s blind spots. Keep in mind that damage is graver for small cars when they get involved in an accident with huge vehicles such as your food truck.

For those driving around food trucks meanwhile, be extra alert as well.

Food trucks are heaven-sent to us, especially to typical employees trying hard to avoid long queues during lunch breaks. But just like other huge vehicles, they can be a threat to safety when you’re sharing the road with them.

Keep in mind that it is more difficult to control a large truck than a normal vehicle as gaining speed takes longer. This is the reason why trucks appear to move slower than their actual speed.

Also, notice that food trucks need more turning room because of their length. Watch the food truck driver as he’s making signals on the next move he’s taking.

It takes cooperation between motorists to avoiding accidents. In my case, always fight the urge to take down notes or begin writing papers for when behind the wheel, especially when there are trucks around.

Any safety driving tips you want shared too? Feel free talk about them on the comments section below.

Author Bio:

Gray spent childhood summers with her favorite uncle, a farm truck driver, and his family. Driving trucks for her seemed the same as operating small vehicles until she started driving her own car, and now with the kids.

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